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Promotional Headphones: The Perfect Branded Product for Your Target AudienceDo you follow the latest fashion headlines? Whether you consider yourself a trend setter or you're just deep into the normcore (fashion for those who know they're 1 in 7 billion) look -- which, in some good news, is apparently the same thing nowadays -- headphones are a hot item!Celebrities from Heidi Klum to Anne Hathaway it works products , Zac Efron to Rita Ora, have been spotted out and about wearing headphones-as-fashion-accessories. ww When you're marketing to a young, hip target client base -- especially those millennials who'd never be caught dead without their mobile digital devices in hand -- these promotional headphones offer the perfect solution.Jammer headphones come in several colors, adding to their eye-candy appeal -- just imagine your company's brand, logo or motto printed on the side for eye-level advertising! ww Plus, they deliver great big sounds to keep those big music fans happy, all for a very low cost-per-impression. roblox promo codes Jammer headsets feature collapsible arms for storage; it's easy to collapse the arms and stick them right into a purse, messenger bag, or even a back pocket. The headbands extend from 7 to 8 inches, providing a customizable fit for your target audience.Promotional items offer a big advertising bang for your buck. ww Industry studies of promotional products' "stickiness" find that consumers tend to hang on to branded items for an average of 5.8 to 7.6 months, providing one of the longest promotional periods of any marketing strategy. ww Plus, free headphones! ww Who could turn that down? Let FarFromBoring provide your business with the branded visibility it deserves. wholesale debenhams promotional code wholesale corporate gifts We carry a range of promotional products -- give us a call today.FarFromBoring also offers these fine branded mobile accessories: Promotional Mobile Cell Phone Holder, Branded Vibration Speaker, and Mobile Phone Speaker Stand.